24 Milton Ave
Alpharetta, GA, 30009


Sister's Christine & Wendy are both artists and designer's who had a vision for a hub where artists, makers, and beautiful- thing- lovers unite. Sis and Moon's was created out of that vision: A home to makers and artists alike.

The shop features curated items from both new and vintage sources. Local artisians and makers contribute to the curious mix of furniture, art, jewelry, clothing, pottery, household items and a miscellaneous blend of rediscovered and reinvented objects.

Cocktails + Canvas

Art Classes

Cocktails + Canvas


Cocktails + Canvas


Cocktails + Canvas


These paint and sip classes will focus on finding that inner artist and letting your personal creativity flow. There will be instruction and guidance, but you will not leave with the same paintings as your classmates and friends. You will leave with something different...hopefully something you didn't  know you had in you when you first entered the class.

You are encouraged to bring in your own ideas for me to help you excecute!

Our classroom is a safe space full of encouragement and positivity. We're all artists! Each class will have its own theme.

Classes are held on every Saturday 6-8pm

We provide you with all supplies needed



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